Rail Gourmet, part of SSP, have been working with train operating companies across Europe to deliver world class food and beverage experiences to travelling passengers. In the UK Rail Gourmet operates within stations and on trains nationwide serving rail franchise clients such as Virgin Trains, East Midlands Trains and Eurostar.

Rail Gourmet recognises the importance of looking after the environment so have developed a company-wide Environmental Policy, called Step by Step, in order to work towards sustainable environmental improvements in both recycling and energy management.

As part of this initiative Maurice Arthur, Rail Gourmet’s Business Standards Manager, contacted GAIA to provide energy training and achieve LEC (Low Energy Company) accreditation from the Energy Managers Association.

Training outcomes:

 After a successful rollout of online energy training to 300 staff, a post-course survey of participants demonstrated the strength of the GAIA system:

  • Engaging: 76% of respondents said they had learnt a lot from the course with 69% indicating an interest in learning more.
  • Upskilling: 78% said the training has had a benefit for them saving energy at home in addition to the workplace.
  • Rewarding: 81% said they valued the online training by printing and holding the certificate with 60% intending on adding the qualification to their CV.