GAIA works alongside sustainability professionals to achieve their goals.

Through experience we know the challenges you face and have created a wealth of tools, methodologies, systems, training programmes and peer networks to offer support.

We we have two types of client:

  1. those who have an established sustainability team and infrastructure but require additional support to drive specific initiatives; or
  2. those who don’t have an established sustainability team but need to implement a sustainability programme

So we have two types of service:

  1. specialist ‘Project based’ Consulting supporting the established team to excel in achieving their low carbon goals: and
  2. ‘Embedded’ Sustainability Managers for clients wanting to execute complete sustainability programmes, fulfilling longer term management and expertise gaps.

Training and peer to peer Networking:

To support sustainability professionals enhance their skills GAIA also provides:

  1. GAIA Masterclass Training programmes covering areas such as Behaviour Change or Basic Energy Management.
  2. funding to the UK wide Energy Club Network of around 200 sustainability practitioners encouraging personal development through local and free self help meetings.
  3. weekly ‘How to’ articles and regular Newshound links contributed by fellow sustainability professionals in our Mindset newsletter.

GAIA has a proven track record of success working with a wide range of clients across the food, chemical, industrial, retail and public sectors.

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