GAIA brings a wealth of experience to support you, wherever you are in your journey.

As a sustainability professional, you need a route map and a plan of action to help your organisation achieve its objectives. Communicating that plan and driving your organisation along that route are your two main tasks; probably the toughest job in your industry. The GAIA Path is a route map that helps keep your organisation on track. It provides a communication and management framework to manage progress; whether at the start of the journey or well down the road towards carbon neutrality.

Wherever you are on this journey GAIA can support you.

gaia path

GAIA Path Approach

  • Mindset – research and communicate the opportunity presented by sustainability
  • Manage – utilise current resources
  • Mitigate – invest in energy efficient technologies to abate carbon consumption
  • Generate – generate energy through renewable technologies
  • Supply – reduce carbon through effective supplier carbon management
  • Offset – invest in carbon offset to counterbalance remaining carbon used

How does the GAIA Path work?

It’s not a relay but a peloton. The GAIA Path isn’t a relay of actions with each step following on from the previous one. If it was, it would take years to orchestrate. The GAIA Path is more like a Cycle Peloton, with each rider taking it in turn to lead from the front with the subsequent riders slotting in behind. The aim is to drag the peloton along with the least resistance and effort. When the lead rider tires, the next cyclist takes over. This is how we see the GAIA Path. Each step takes the lead; when that step peaks in its performance in carbon reduction, the next step is being primed to take over when the lead step weakens.

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