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Consultancy - Gaia Active

GAIA consultancy supports medium to large organisations that need to create and execute energy saving programmes and/or reduce their carbon emissions.

Our consultants normally support the in-house energy management team however, in smaller  organisations where there is no one person or team dedicated to sustainability or energy management they can help define and implement a sustainability or energy saving plan.

Added value

GAIA starts by looking for the organisational benefits that reducing energy will bring. Past projects for large national retailers have not just reduced carbon emissions but have increased company profits by millions. Legislation and environmental concerns are often the spur to act, but for a truly long term impact we recommend that you use a GAIA consultants to help you generate the commercial and organisational benefits for implementing a sustainability plan.

The four main areas that we consult in are:

Contracted/Part Time Energy Managers

GAIA has a team of experienced Energy Managers who can work on a part or full time basis.  They bring with them the combination of knowledge, skills and flexibility. You can tap into that experience for as long as necessary.

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If you employ over 250 people you will almost certainly need to file an ESOS report.  This is a specialist area and requires assessments from energy consultants with the recognised government qualification. If you are an energy manager we see this as a significant opportunity for you to contribute to the profitability of your business, and GAIA are at the forefront of working on ways to make this legislation a boost to the British economy.

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Project Management

You may not have all the in-house resources required to implement your sustainability strategy.  These can be quite specialised areas that your team need not to know about on a day-to-day basis and recruiting a full time member of staff would be inappropriate. However a consultant can either take on the lion’s share of the project or co-ordinate your in-house team until they are able to take over/the project is completed.

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Energy Manager Coaching

If you’ve a newly appointed Energy Manager and you want to bring them up to speed then GAIA can help you.  Our Energy Manager Coaching can focus on a specific area such as legislation, provide up skilling through our Energy Management Level 2 Training Course or advise on a complete program of activity.

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