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Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) - Gaia Active

Putting the ‘opportunity’ into Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme

If your company employs over 250 staff then by law it must engage with the Government’s Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme, or ESOS as it is commonly known.

ESOS needs to be completed by law and is a matter of compliance. It is therefore seen by many as an additional cost to your organisation. It’s a box that needs to be ticked, a process that needs to be processed.

However if you are an Energy/Sustainability Manager or your role covers sustainability aspects within your organisation, we see it as way for you to improve your visibility in 2015. That’s because at GAIA we see ESOS as a massive opportunity – and we believe that there are 5 ways that you can realise this opportunity. To access these 5 videos then visit our dedicated ESOS website at www.esosreports.co.uk

If you need help with ESOS Compliance then give our Lead Assessors a call on 01572 729512.