No individual has ever achieved success without the help and cooperation of others*. If you want to succeed, surround yourself with those who want you to succeed and can help you achieve it.

The Energy Club’s mission is for members to share and enhance individual expertise from fellow members. The concept of shared knowledge – the Mastermind Principle – was widely promoted by author Napoleon Hill as one of the key principles of personal achievement. The Mastermind Principle consists of an alliance of two or more minds working in perfect harmony for the attainment for a common definitive purpose. The definitive purpose thrives in the Energy Club because all members are striving for a common goal; to reduce energy, carbon usage or cost.

Haydn Young

 The underlying principles of the Energy Club Mastermind:

  1.  A mastermind consists of two or more minds working actively together in perfect harmony toward a common definite objective.
  2. Through a mastermind you can use the full strength of the experience, training, and knowledge of others just as if they were your own.
  3. No individual has ever achieved success without the help and cooperation of others.
  4. The value of “gathering together those of a like mind” is self-evident.
  5. A group of coordinated brains will provide more thought energy than a single brain.

To make the network work we have 4 simple rules:

  1. The network is FREE.
  2. Clubs have a maximum attendance of 13.
  3. Meetings are for energy/facilities/environment/sustainability carbon practitioners only, no sales people.
  4. Attendees have a ‘definitive purpose’ to save carbon/energy and are part of a scheme to encourage this success (ESOS/CDP/CRC etc).

Join the movement:

If you’re responsible for reducing energy consumption in your business then request to join one of our UK clubs. Email the request to: [email protected]

 *Napoleon Hill – 17 Principles of Success