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Energy Management EMA Stage 2 (Online) - Gaia Active
    This programme is designed for people who are not energy specialists, but who have (or will have) energy reduction as part of their role. EMA Stage II certification is awarded based on a practical examination at the end of the workshop and video webinars.
From the programme you will learn how to:
      • Measure and interpret energy usage to look for reductions
      • Prioritise energy saving opportunities
      • Adhere to compliance and legislation requirements
      • Create and execute plans for energy reduction
      • How to engage your colleagues and present the business case
The online version consists of:

4 pre-recorded video ‘informational’ tutorials and tests which cover:

        • Measuring and interpreting energy usage in order to look for reductions
        • Prioritising energy saving opportunities
        • Compliance and legislation requirements
        • Creating and executing plans for energy reduction
        • Fundamentals of engagement

5 video tutorials and final assessment with more in depth coverage of:

          1. Creating an energy reduction plan
          2. Leveraging savings from HVAC and lighting
          3. Engaging the boardroom
          4. Engaging staff and colleagues
          5. Creating the business case for capital investments

At the end of the course you will have the knowledge and tools you need to create and implement a successful energy reduction plan.

Who should do the course?

If you are in Facilities, SH & E, Property or Building Control, sustainability and have a direct or indirect interest in the management of your organisation’s energy consumption, you will find this course invaluable.

The programme has been developed by experienced energy managers who continue to be active in managing energy reduction in the workplace.

When’s the next course?

It’s totally online so you can start straight away.  Just give GAIA a call on 01572 729512, email info@gaiaactive.com

How much does it cost?

The cost of the full online programme is £245 + VAT.


What delegates have said about ‘Energy Management EMA Stage 2’

“As an experienced Energy Manager I wasn’t sure I’d learn anything new and the course could be theory based, but I was wrong.The online course is delivered from a practical basis, created by Energy Managers who identified the key skills to succeed. The course teaches a range of core energy management techniques alongside vital soft skills such as influencing executives and managing behaviours. I’d highly recommend this course to anyone involved in energy management (Facilities Managers/Energy Managers) and eager to broaden their skills. Andrew Boltiho, Energy Manager”

“Being an experienced Facilities Manager involved in energy buying, I was keen to expand my knowledge in energy management. The GAIA/EMA Stage 2 training introduces a process to save energy, called the GAIA Path, which organises activities to maximise the best ROI. The online video based course teaches the many components from creating a strategy, staff engagement techniques to making the business case for investments. I’d highly recommend this course to anyone keen to get more involved in energy management. Vivian Wilson, Facilities Manager, Travis Perkins Plc”

“This course was exactly what my colleague and I needed, perfectly delivered, supported and executed – Thank you.”

“Great ideas and techniques that I’m putting into use at my organisation”

“This course has helped me to define an energy strategy and policy. It has given me a more focused approach on selling the strategy internally.”

“We now have enhanced communications and engagement, and have identified energy savings which can be easily implemented at minimal cost. These have helped us meet our savings over the year and will help us maintain this target.”