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Sustainability handbook

This invaluable handbook contains 20 ideas of what you can do to make the change towards sustainability in your organisation. Containing practical and realistic advice, some tips may appear to fly in the face of conventional wisdom but they represent our experience of successfully implementing these programmes since 2007.

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About GAIA

A useful document for you to download, it offers an overview of GAIA and how we can support your organisation in its sustainability journey.

About GAIA >

GAIA factsheets – templates, surveys and check-lists

The following GAIA documents are ones which we use during our sustainability programmes. Feel free to redistribute them within your organisation, but please be aware that they are GAIA copyright and that they are for your internal use only.  If you would like to discuss the subjects covered in any more detail, please contact Chris Allen on 01572 729512 or email [email protected]

The GAIA behaviour change 6 point checklist >

GAIA Factsheets – explaining climate change legislation

In 2008 the UK Government took leadership passed legislation that introduced the world’s first long-term legally binding framework to tackle the dangers of climate change. The measures are designed to create a movement of change, encouraging the public sector, businesses and energy firms to improve carbon efficiency through energy efficiency, building management or low carbon energy generation. This series of GAIA factsheets explain what they are and what they mean.

GAIA Factsheet_The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme >

GAIA Factsheet_Display Energy Certificates_DECs >

GAIA Factsheet_Carbon Price Floor >

GAIA Factsheet_Climate Change Levy >

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Articles on sustainability issues

The following GAIA documents discuss matters on the sustainability agenda and offer you informed support and guidance on how to implement a successful sustainability strategy for your organisation. If you would like to discuss the subjects covered in any more detail, please contact Chris Allen on 01572 729512 or email [email protected]

  1. If you think sustainability is just about saving the planet, think again… >
  2. Three reasons why the Finance Department needs to get involved in the
    sustainability agenda >
  3. 5 step process to achieving boardroom engagement >

44 Tips on saving energy in the workplace

It may surprise you to know that, according to the Carbon Trust, up to a third of energy used in buildings is wasted. The good news is that it is actually quite easy to reduce energy consumption by introducing some simple, common-sense measures. This  44 Tips Booklet explains how.

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The launch brochure of the Energy Managers’ Association

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